On Our Bookshelf: Oh Comely

oh comely
The great thing about the recent surge of independent publishing is you can really pick and choose a magazine that speaks to you. One of my all-time favorites is London-based Oh Comely. Stories and interviews about women of all ages and backgrounds get tossed together with girly, exquisitely styled and photographed fashion editorials. From the writing to the photography, I am usually super pleased I succumbed to the irresistible cover at the newsstand. The most recent issue (issue #30), is all about sisters. Having three sisters, of course I had to get the magazine and I think the fashion editorial is so brilliant. I love the mix of photography with embroidery. Beinta a photographer from the Faroe Islands is responsible for the gorgeous photos and the incredible embroidery is by Julia Petronella Reinert Hansen. Check it out.