concert: the finches


I found out last minute on Friday that my old favorites, The Finches, were giving a concert at Mississippi Pizza so I ran down there and grabbed pizza and a listen with my friend, Jenny. The Finches have broken up and re-grouped since I saw them back in 2007. Now a five person band with electric guitars, percussion and a slightly more theatrical, dark sound, The Finches are still charming as ever. I love Carolyn Pennypacker Rigg's storytelling lyrics and sweet voice.

While The Finches have been accused of being too simplistic, I find their music incredibly nostalgic without feeling too sentimental. My favorites from the new album are "How to Keep Your Heart Hate Free" and "The River in Edo", a song written months ago, about Japan. It's really lovely. If you donate $10 or more to The Red Cross, you can have a free digital download of On Golden Hill. If you like mellow, folky, slightly theatrical music, you'll love The Finches.

Cover art by Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs for The Finches.