cooking for one!


I am a pretty lazy cook. In fact, I used to be really intimidated by my kitchen, preferring to eat out or grab take out most nights. The dirty dishes, and long lists of ingredients always scared me away. A few years ago I started watching Jamie Oliver's cooking shows and it got me excited about trying to eat more at home and experimenting with my own combinations.

Eggs avocado

My sister taught me to make baked eggs, I got my own little cast iron pan, and I was sold! On heavy rotation in my house right now: arugula (I stick it on top of everything!), creme fraiche, eggs, avocado, clementines, Jacobson Salt and Secret Aardvark Sauce.


I love using just a few seasonal ingredients and experimenting with different combinations. And it must take only about 5 minutes to make! I've also found that when you have good salt and olive oil, just a few simple vegetables will be transformed. With these little dishes, I never have leftovers or food that goes bad. It's worked out to be really managable way to cook for one. 

From top left:

1. Eggs, garden onions, chanterelles, arugula, avocado and Secret Aardvark Sauce.

2. Arugula, clementines, avocado with creme fraiche dressing.

3. Eggs, cream, mushrooms, prosciutto, and arugula.

4. Avocado toast with an egg. I mashed the avocados with olive oil, Jacobson salt and fresh pepper.

5. Eggs, onions, tomatoes, sage and creme fraiche.

6. Tomatoes, mozzarella, garden lettuce, avocado, day old bread, olive oil, sea salt, ground pepper.

Instagram photos: Chelsea Fuss