Lisbon’s Most Beautiful Tea Shop

companhia portugueza do cha
Discovering beautiful tea shops on your trip to Lisbon is important! The Portuguese like to brag they were the first to be introduced to tea by the Chinese. And, Portugal’s Azores islands are home to Europe’s only remaining tea plantation! So taking away some very special tea from your Lisbon visit is a must! At markets you can find gorgeous loose-leaf, organic teas. And at the local groceries, you’ll find the Azores tea under the Gorreana label. As you wander the city you are sure to bump into some old-fashioned, mom and pop tea and coffee stores that sell supplies for tea making. One of my favorite shops, blends old traditions with new ideas resulting in the most charming jewel box of a tea shop on the Rua Poco dos Negros just beyond the bustling Chiado district.