Morgans Toiletries

I am so excited to be partnering with Morgans today to share their brand new concept in home keeping! Their bi-monthly toiletries subscription ensures you will always be stocked up on basics around the house. With simple, graphic packaging, thoughtful ingredients, and an easy mail service, you never have to run to the store at midnight for toothpaste! After recently trying out a package of their toiletries myself, I´ve become a fan. I am crazy about the simple branding. I love having all the bottles displayed on my shelf (with a little sprig of jasmine!), making my little bathroom look fresh and clean, without distracting packaging. The subtle citrus scent of the hand-soap is just perfect! ALL the products seem to have little to no scent.
Read more about Morgans, including the ingredients and origin for their products right here.
Photo courtesy of Morgans. This post is sponsored by Morgans.