midsummer at skansen


As I mentioned earlier, I am spending some time in Europe for a couple months and am so excited to be back in Sweden for a few weeks. Right now it is Midsummer! I've always wanted to be here for this holiday. I didn't really think about it when planning my trip (it's not really all that planned) but it worked out perfectly. Yesterday I went to Skansen's Midsummer celebration and it was really dreamy. I honestly felt that I had stepped into a Swedish storybook.

Skansen midsummer

The weather was perfect!


Families flocked to Skansen with picnic baskets in hand and ate and relaxed in the fields of long grass that dot the grounds. 


It felt like something out of Elvira Madigan.


People brought their own or made flower crowns right there from birch leaves daisies, clover and cornflowers. Girls, guys, kids and babies wore the crowns! Birch leaves were strung everywhere from store fronts to car fenders.


This is the meadow where everyone picked flowers for their crowns.


Wild roses were in bloom everwhere and so fragrant! 


There was of course a raising of the maypole after children decorated it with daisies and cornflowers. Then there was dancing, with some attendees in traditional dress. Here's a little video I took on my phone:

This was one of the loveliest days I've had! You can see more photos on my Instagram. If you ever get the chance to attend a Midsummer event, you should! They have them in the US too usually through Scandinavian associations and in different countries around Europe (which all celebrate a little differently).

Photos: Chelsea Fuss.