how to survive winter!


Here it is December again and I am struggling with the lack of light. It looks like 10pm here in Portland basically all day and there's no snow, just little drizzling rain drops all the day long. I am writing this list to remind myself of what I need to do this year to combat this gloomy weather and learn to make the most of it! Any tips you'd like to add?

Light candles whenever you are home. Light lanterns outside your door or on your porch. I picked up this tradition in Sweden, where they make their homes and cities amazingly cozy all winter long!

Accept that productivity goes down in the winter. Use the time to work on indoor projects, read a new book or watch your favorite show.

Get outside for fresh air! Bundle up and go on a hike.

Go to the movie theater.

Go ice skating, snowshoeing, or skiing.

Head to the mountains and enjoy the snow. I always forget that snow is merely an hour away from where I live and yet I rarely go enjoy it!

Have a winter picnic.

Wear bright colors and flowers!

Spend more time in your kitchen, cooking and baking. Here's to comfort food!

Invite friends over for an indoor picnic!

Visit the library or the art museum.

Wear cute wellies.

Brew your own tea or coffee or hunker down at the coffee shop with your favorite book.

Photography: Lisa Warninger. Starring: Annie B. Wardrobe Styling: Hannah of Hetterson and Chelsea Fuss. Hair + Makeup: The Ginger Suite. Styling Assistant: Amber Furqueron. Production Assistant: Caitlin Burkhart. Top: APC at Frances May. Hat: Vanessa Tran.