late summer peaches

Peaches 1

I am still in summer mode. It's warm, it's sunny and there are lots of peaches still to be eaten! My favorite way to eat peaches is to slice them up, add some crème fraîche and sprinkle them with fresh thyme.

Peaches 2

It makes a delicious breakfast or dessert!

Peaches creme fraiche and thyme

This summer I've been growing geraniums indoors and am really enjoying them. I know I should probably trim this one back but I love the shape of it!

Peaches creme fraiche kitchen table

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Photos: Chelsea Fuss. Bowl: Ikea. Blue printed towel: Bungalow. Fork: Trampoline. Cutting Board: Alder and Co. Vintage linen napkin: Porch Light. Painting: Paul Ferney (of this cottage).