Rachel Sees Snail Shoes

rachel sees snail shoes

While in Portland for a short visit over the summer, I had the chance to visit Rachel Corry’s studio for her handmade shoe brand, Rachel Sees Snail Shoes. I fell in love with her handmade sandals and clogs and her shop displaying her refreshing style through local, handmade goods. In addition to Rachel’s gorgeous line of shoes, she also offers shoe making classes. Upcoming classes are on the November 13th and January 15th. Details here. Below, the fun and colorful new look book from Rachel’s shoe line, shot by Airyka Rockefeller.

handmade sandals

handmade shoes

handmade shoes

rachel-sees snail shoes

All photos by Airyka Rockefeller courtesy of Rachel Sees Snail Shoes. Thank you Jennifer Morris for the intro!

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  1. Great post Chelsea! A friend and I were in Rachel’s shop recently and had a chance to chat with her about her darling shoes and her classes. We had been on a hike in Forest Park and just happened to drop by. It is a wonderful place with all sorts of vendors. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing this!! xoxox

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