Classic Thank You Notes with Basic Invite

custom thank you notes
Today, I am pleased to share some gorgeous, classic thank you notes and holiday cards in partnership with Basic Invite It’s so tough to find stationery that is simple, and gets the message across in a beautiful way but not too flowery. What’s great about Basic Invite is the customizable options! Here are just a few of the bonuses about working with their site:

You can upload your own custom design and have it printed!

180 different custom colors you can choose for your cards and 40 different envelope colors!

You can have a free sample for your cards or invitations before you make the order!

holiday card simple

One of my favorite holiday cards, above! I love the colors as they are but you can make your own combo!

thank you notes

Check out Basic Invite to play around with designs and come up with an entirely custom card for a thank you or for the holidays!

All images courtesy of Basic Invite, a Frolic! sponsor. Contact us for advertising info.

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