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rebecca mir gradyrebecca mir grady frolic giveawayrebecca mir grady 6Hello! I hope you are having a fantastic week. Today we are pleased to partner with Rebecca Mir Grady Jewelry for a giveaway here on Frolic! Just leave a comment by April 1st mentioning your favorite piece of jewelry from Rebecca’s site for a chance to win $125 of jewelry of your own choosing from Rebecca’s gorgeous shop. Each piece is lovingly made to order from Rebecca’s studio in Chicago which supports sustainable practices in their process and sourcing. This giveaway is open to international readers! One entry per person please! Enjoy and good luck!

Update: A winner has been chosen and notified! Thank you for your entries! xoxo

All photos from Rebecca Mir Grady Jewelry. This post is sponsored by Rebecca Mir Grady Jewelry. To join our sponsorship program, contact Chelsea at


  1. I love the petite opal ring… it’s my daughter’s birthstone, so I’ve been meaning to add one to my jewelry collection.

  2. This jewellery is all so lushhhh!
    It would be hard work choosing between pieces! Thanks for introducing me to them and I’m so wishing I could win this!

  3. Love her jewelry so much! I think I actually pinned one of her pieces on Pinterest a while back :-). I love the Markham earrings AND the Greenland necklace.

  4. Oh! Rebecca’s work is so lovely – the bezel-set Opal ring, coupled with the Maestro ring are stunning, simple and classic design.

  5. I admire how elegent yet simple the Ostro necklace is! This line is such a gift to the world, thank you.

  6. Those thin gold bands with the stones are the prettiest! And so great that it is sustainable – I was searching for sustainable jewellery just the other day!

  7. Hello from London! The sun is out, spring finally feels likes its springing and making me want to wear some beautiful dainty jewellery, particularly a Greenland or Falkland necklace, sparkly wave bangles or even a rose gold Thetis ring or two! 🙂 Absolutely gorgeous collection, thanks for sharing!

  8. these pieces are so gorgeous! I’d love to give some of these as birthday and graduation gifts to my friends ^.^

  9. I LOVE the 3mm opal ring… I’ve been looking for something dainty like this that I can wear on my lefthand index finger. This would be perfect!

  10. What a great giveaway. I definitely want to support an artist who has a collection referencing one of my favorite books!
    I love the elegance of her Cloudbreak necklace and can’t stop looking at all the Ayers rings! A tome to my old home, swoon.

  11. Definitely the Highsmith 2mm in rose gold. So lovely and will be giving it to one of my girls as their promise ring! <3

  12. Beautiful. Thanks for introducing me to this jewelry. I like it all, but favorite so far are the simple set of three stacking bands in the wedding collection.


  13. Love all of her pieces and would love to wear them! I’m having an opal moment and especially love her opal rings: so simple and so beautiful. (Ring-less) Fingers crossed! 😉

  14. I’ve been eyeing up the Dash earrings and Levante necklace for a while now. Such striking, simple pieces.

  15. Lovely, timeless jewelry that is sustainably sourced. The work, dedication, and attention to detail is apparent in every piece. My favorite are the Maestro and Opal rings. They are delicate and beautiful.

  16. So simple & beautiful – it’s lovely to see a celebration of the material rather than additional bells & whistles!

  17. i love love love the delicate opal ring with the thin gold band. i don’t even normally like opals, but this one is stunning and simple! love how it looks with the yellow gold.

  18. I am really enjoying necklaces, lately. I was so excited that you had sterling silver as a choice: I would take the lightning strikes necklace because I think it is a conversation starter!!!

    Thanks, Chelsea! I’m enjoying your many stops in Europe immensely! Next time I see Grace I will tell her what I’ve been viewing and reading!!!

  19. Great simplicity… love all the architectural details.
    Love your high ceiling studio and favorite piece
    is ring with moonstone. Turquoise/gold necklace is close
    runner up. Usually Turquoise is paired with silver
    so big treat to see you’ve paired with gold which is a fav combo
    and very hard to find!!!!

  20. Her pieces are all so lovely, but I adore the turquoise 4 mm ring the most. My favorite stone! And the ring is so dainty – perfect for stacking. Thank you for hosting such a wonderful giveaway,

  21. I love the Ayers ring, striking but still delicate. Great as a stand alone or as a companion to other rings. Love.

  22. Beautiful! It makes me so happy to see jewelers using sustainable materials. I love the Appalachian rings best – it would be pretty great to have a mountain on my finger!

  23. I love Rebecca’s Macha necklace, it is so beautiful and unique! I love that Rebecca is using sustainable materials, her jewelry is stunning!!! Thanks!

  24. Delicate, stunning. Rebecca’s artwork demands attention even as the pieces are demure. Not easy to pick one, but having seen the Hera earrings adorn by my sister, that is my choice.

  25. those opal studs are gorgeous! just the simple and elegant piece that i’ve been looking for as a 35th birthday to myself…

  26. Tough choices, for sure – I love the opal and turquoise rings, but the Tramontana square necklace has won my heart!

  27. The “simple” design is clear, honest and reduced to the maximum. No chichi. If I had to pick out just one thing I would choose EM-large.

  28. Beautiful designs! Not sure how you could choose just one…but I do love the square brushed gold Em ring. THANK YOU!

  29. My goodness, I have been swooning and admiring Rebecca’s jewelry for some time now. I’m a ring gal and my favorite piece is the Em ring with the silver and brass metals. Would love to own it and wear it everyday!

  30. Rebecca is such an amazing artist and jeweler! I’ve been eyeing the Maestro ring for a while.. Soo beautiful!! (Though everything she makes is!)

  31. This is when jewelry and art combine. Simple. Refined. Elegant. Understated. There is something about this collection that goes beyond just beautiful. My favorite piece is the Em, a timeless design that is pure and so thoughtful. An artful expression such as this would be a joy to wear and an honor to pass on.

  32. I’ve never seen her stuff before. It is lovely! There is no way I can pick a favorite but right now I’m super into stacking rings and the 3 color highsmith are beautiful!

  33. The design esthetic of this jewelry is so lovely. Each piece has a story of its own to tell. Amazing. If I have to pick a favorite, it would be the Hera earrings. With the opal ring and the Levante- long earrings as close runners up. Thank you for you consideration!

  34. I especially love the 3mm opal ring- would compliment my wedding band beautifully! Fingers crossed x

  35. The opal ring is lovely, and I love the cloud break necklace as well. My current favorites, though, are the opal earrings.

  36. Rebecca’s shop is gorgeous and elegant. My fav is definitely the Tremontana square necklace–perfect!

  37. I’m all about the rings–I love the McLeod wrap or gold opal 3 mm! Everything is so beautiful…

  38. Love the Opal Ring- IT would be such a beautiful accompaniment to my wedding band which also has bezel set stones!

  39. I just found this jewelry artist through your Instagram page and I am absolutely in love with everything on her site. The Lightning necklace, the small Em ring, and the Appalachian ring are all among my top favorites. I will definitely be watching her site from here on out, thank you!

  40. Ayers, opals and all of the Au and Ag! I’m happy to learn about these spectacular jewels. Thanks!

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