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Do you save papers when you travel? I have a horrible habit of picking up papers wherever I go and then hanging on to all of them. Right now they take up about 1/4 of my luggage so I decided to take photos and then toss most of them. I love hanging on to hand-written notes, ticket stubs, exhibition notes, business cards, concert schedules, bus tickets…!


  1. I am guilty of doing this, too! I can’t help it. It’s like trying to save a little memory of that experience. I just dug up some old drawers yesterday and found all my papers from my travels to Asia almost 10 years ago! Now that I’m trying to be more of a minimalist, I’m purging a lot, but I still try and keep some of the prettier/special ones.

  2. I’ve collected paper for years as well. I usually paste them into my journal along with the day’s writings. Fun to look back on as so much happens in our travels we sometimes forget the smaller details.

  3. I save papers even when I’m not traveling! Haha 🙂 I love using paper scraps in my collages. The papers that have more meaning attached (ticket stubs, some receipts, or maps) I keep and journal about!

  4. I do that so much it’s not even funny. What I noticed is that the longer it’s been since the experience, the harder it becomes to part with them. So I try to decide right away if I should keep it or toss it.

    I always toss receipts though, because they’re coated in BPA and you don’t want that around anything you touch.

  5. I love this idea! I’m also always collecting scraps…concert programs and museum tickets and such…and then NEVER USING THEM. I have a box where I store it all away but honestly half the time they just get left in my bag and I find them there months later all crumbled and dusted in eyeshadow and bits of chocolate. This is a lovely idea, I should try it 🙂

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