Gorgeous Handmade Knits with One Knot

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I am so pleased to partner with the Etsy shop, One Knot today to share their handmade knits! There’s nothing so cozy as adding a pair of handmade mittens or scarf to your wardrobe for fall. Knits are one of those wardrobe staples I try to buy handmade because there’s just no reason not to. What I love about this sweet Etsy shop is that Catherine sources all of her yarn very carefully. Most of the yarn is fair trade and/or organic. So lovely. So thoughtful. The designs are so simple, in gorgeous brick reds, forest greens, and cream.

Here are a few of my favorite products (from left, top):

Natural Irish Wool Mittens

Berry Red Baby Hat in Merino Wool

Crimson Red Hat


Shop One Knot on Etsy and follow Catherine on her social media below for the latest on her shop! Enjoy 15% off of One Knot with code: frolicblog. Hope you enjoy!

Etsy Shop

Photos courtesy of One Knot. This post was sponsored by One Knot.


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