A Visit to Petersham Nurseries


Last week I took a wee break from farm life for a week of fun in London! I stayed near Richmond and had so much fun meeting up with blog friends, several of them I had been in touch with since the beginnings of this blog (2006!). So it honestly felt like meeting up with old friends! Thank you Jane (we’d met before in Berlin!), Sarah, Krissy,  Lynne, and Alaina from House and Garden UK. (they have a gorgeous new site!) for the lovely lunches and walking tours! One day I spent walking along The Thames with my friend Lynne and we had lunch at Petersham Nurseries. I’d always wanted to visit this nursery/cafe and it was just as lovely as I’d imagined and the food was delicious. I took some photos for you:



Photos by Chelsea Fuss. Taken in Richmond, near London, UK.


  1. You British have the flower/gardening world in your hands….love every minute of it….especially the small urban gardens on House Beautiful UK….gorgeous, cute and doable….

  2. What a charming place Chelsea. I love seeing your wonderful pics! So happy for you!
    Know you are having so much fun.

    Shirley xoxo

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