Anna Joyce Studio



Before I left Portland I had the chance to work on one of my favorite prop styling projects to date, the Anna Joyce surface design book which will be out next year through Melanie Falick Books. Anna’s story is alluring, and her work is fresh, fun, and modern. Eschewing¬†all trends, Anna favors color, bold design, and vibrant color combinations. I find so much inspiration in her colorful, homespun studio, which you can see here in this story we worked on for Etsy, with photographs by Lisa Warninger. One of the things that is so inspiring about Anna is that she makes things happen. She didn’t wait to get a fancy studio, she made a corner of her dining room into one and makes it work with a famiy (2 kids!). Just proves you can make magic with what you have. Can’t wait to share the book when it’s out next spring.

Photos: Lisa Warninger. Styling: Chelsea Fuss. Studio and artwork: Anna Joyce.


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