thank you february sponsors!

Striped dress

A big thank you to all of the businesses who sponsored Frolic! last month. We love having this site run by small artists, makers, and start ups! Support Frolic! and small business by shopping these lovely sites:

Fischer Clothing / clothing made in the usa (pictured above)

Yo Vintage! / vintage clothing 

Rebecca Mir Grady / handmade jewelry

The Perfect Headband / hair accessories

Urban Weeds / street style from Portland

Hetterson  / sustainably made clothing

Ink & Peat / flowers + home goods

Freshie & Zero / handmade jewelry

A Lovely Little Shop / handmade jewelry

Scouts honor co

Scout's Honor Co. / hand-lettered cards (pictured above)

Hoopla/ custom embroidery 

Paisley Tree Press/ eco-friendly letterpress + home goods

Brown Ink Paper Goods /celebrating the art of handwriting 

Abby Galloway / illustration and fashion design 

The Cozy Project / handmade coffee cozies

Gray Day Studio / botanical paintings

Jelly Design Studio / web + blog design

Red Circle Crafts / classes + crafting blog

Photos from respective shops.


  1. Wow, thanks for the love + photo, Chelsea! It’s a real pleasure to support Frolic! and be in such good company. I am inspired by the brands that you support and that support you. xo

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