buenos aires: enseres kitchen shop


While in Buenos Aires, my mom led me to this little jewel of a kitchen shop in Palermo, called Enseres. Stocked with handmade ceramics, enamelware, cast iron pans with wooden handles, exclusive textiles and more, Enseres makes their own line of products (all made in Argentina) so the shop feels extra special, particularly to a tourist. It was early spring when we visited so the displays were intermixed with little tiny bouquets of sweet william and star of bethlehem.

Enseres buenos aires

I visited again before I left and snagged a few ceramics and linens for my Portland kitchen.

Enseres bazar

Here are a few of my hauls with some striped balloons I picked up at a Buenos Aires party supply store.


More info at the Enseres website. 

Photos by Chelsea Fuss.


  1. Hi Chelsea! So glad to hear loved it here in BA. Enseres is one of my all-time favorites too! I also wrote about them on my blog 🙂 Your photos are gorgeous (loved the one of the red car and blue door earlier) and it looks like you picked up some great items. Hope you come back soon! – Carolina

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