hello from buenos aires!

Vw bug buenos aires Market buenos aires Buenos aires palermo

I am in Buenos Aires for the next little while to visit my parents. It's my first time to South America. I love the city so much already and feel like I could easily move here! I am enjoying eating fresh olives and oranges that taste like flowers, wandering markets, and staring at people's pretty balconies. See more snaps on my Instagram.

Photos: Chelsea Fuss.


  1. Hi! My name is Rosana and I’m from Buenos Aires!!! Actually, I live fifteen blocks away from where you took the red car pic. I’ve been following your blog for a long time, even though I never wrote a comment. I am so happy you are enjoying Buenos Aires!!! Please, let me know if you there is any advise or information I could give you.

  2. oh, how exciting! is there anything better than a country (let alone a continent!) where you’ve never been? love the red/green/blue here–can’t wait to see more.

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