grace turns 104!!


A few weekends ago, I attended my grandmother's 104th birthday party. At the end of the party my grandma rode away with my aunt, in their little yellow bug, wearing her sun hat. It was the best site.


If you've been reading Frolic! for a while you know, Grace. She's pretty amazing! Everyone is always asking her secret. One thing I noticed is that Grace never complains and keeps a really optimistic attitude. She just barely moved into assisted living and has started a little cart at the center called "Grace's Goodies!". So cute!! Here's another pic my aunt had sent over earlier this year, before the big 104!


Read more about Grace and her birthday parties:






103 + Grace in Kinfolk

Grace when she was a little younger!

Photos from my family.


  1. Many happy returns to Grace, who is such an inspiration. And what a beauty – her skin is so luminous and rosy! Most important, though, is her lovely smile, which radiates warmth and optimism. She seems like the sort of person everyone wants to be around. xo

  2. This is a great reminder that optimism keeps you in good mental AND physical health! Thanks for sharing, she is so precious…reminds me of my Nan.

  3. I’m a longtime reader but first time commenter……your grandmother is remarkable and you are lucky to have such a woman in your life to show you the way.
    Happy Belated Birthday to your kickass Grandma.

  4. wow, Grace! She’s a real model for a long and happy life! Keep on truckin’, girl! (any chance we can get some shots of Grace’s cart? I’d love to see Grace’s Goodies!)

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