Hi friends! It's been too long. Life has been full lately! I turned 35 a few weeks ago. Then went to sunny LA for work a couple of times. Though I didn't have any play time it was fun to be surrounded by so much gorgeous vegetation. I flew down with my food stylist friend, Jenni, and we stayed in a lovely little guesthouse in Venice. I can't wait to get back to LA for a real vacation! Since my job does involve a lot of shopping, I was able to visit some nice shops including, Surfas, H.D. Buttercup and Rolling Greens Nursery. I highly recommend all these places. I was able to sneak away to dinner one night with the lovely Peggy Wong and it was great to finally meet her! I also ran into Joanna Goddard in the grocery store. Haha! I love blog friends. You can see more of my trip on Instagram. It's nice to be back home now, especially since Portland is showing some sunshine!



Photo taken at Schoolhouse Electric here in Portland.


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