more frolic! + happy weekend!


Hi friends! Hope you've had a great week! Thanks for visiting and commenting here this week. I've been busy working on some really pretty new posts as well as the Frolic! re-design. I am so excited! Speaking of re-designs, the new Babble site recently launched! You can see all of my posts right here. And, from this week:

25 Functional + Stylish Tote Bags

Wear Buffalo Plaid This Winter!

15 Adorable Pajamas for Winter!

The Cutest Little Finger Puppets

15 Jewelry Picks for Winter

8 Block Printed Fabrics to Decorate With

15 Knitting Patterns to Try this Winter!

Hope you enjoy. Have a fantastic weekend! I'll be back next week with some new posts I think you're going to love!



Photo from my Instagram.


  1. Hi Sarah! Thanks for letting me know! What are you clicking on when this happens, a direct link? When I click on the direct links it seems to be fine. I know they are still working out some kinks and I am hoping it is all solved soon! Thanks for your patience!

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