rose-covered chocolate cake

Cake with roses

Decorating a cake with roses can be totally cliché but I've been wanting to try an organic take on it with my very favorite garden rose, Yves Piaget, a French rose that's wonderfully fragrant. I've been known to bury my face in these garden roses. Mmmmmm!

yves piaget roses

Start with a plain chocolate cake. I used an 11", double layer, chocolate buttercream cake from the bakery but you could make your own. Incoporating rosewater in the recipe would be super sweet. You'll need ten stems of roses. Tie a few roses together with velvet ribbon, to decorate the top and then scatter the petals, leaves and a few blossoms around the base. Keeping it a little messy and using garden roses, is the key to making it look simple and effortless. And, as long as the roses are organically grown, you can eat the rose petals along with the cake.

simple wedding cake

Voila! This would be so sweet served at a late summer garden party and of course at a wedding too. See more photos at Project Wedding.

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Photos + Project: Chelsea Fuss for Project Wedding. Thank you to my lovely  friend, Jen Proett, for assisting. 


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