kinder cones

Kinder cones

When I was in Spreewald, my friend, Juliane, helped me make these candy cones! In Germany they are called, schultuete, meaning "school cones." It was really fun to see how the first day of school is such a big deal in Germany. Every kid gets one of these candy cones and it's been a tradition for a long time! I think it's such an adorable idea for the first day of school, for a party or even a wedding. You can see the instructions over at Project Wedding.

Photos and concept: Chelsea Fuss for Project Wedding. Assistance and additional crafting by Juliane. 


  1. how cute! Do they get them *at* school, or do their parents send them off with them? Or are they an after-first-day treat? Either way, what a fun little tradition to get kids excited about school – no wonder the Germans have such a strong academic tradition!

  2. What a great idea!! I think I might implement this idea to send to my nieces every year. They live far away and I send them boxes of treats through out the year. This might be the start of a new tradition!!


  3. Thank you for reviving my memory of a great childhood moment!I received a “Schultuete” on my first day at school just like every other german kid and was so proud. The parents buy this “Schultuete” and fill them with fancy school supplies such as nice pencils, an eraser, ruler, pencilcase etc. But of course it’s important to fill it up with candy and toys as well. You can open the cone before school at home and know that you’ll be playing afterwards with the new toys. I absolutely loved this “Schultuete” and kept it for ages in my room.

  4. I love learning about little traditions! (and, this just reminded me about the everyday inspiration that can come from a brand new place)

    What a cute project, Chelsea.

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