on swedish gardens

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I am naturally very drawn to the rugged rocks, meadows, wildflowers and water here and I like how this landscape is kept relatively undisturbed even in the case of home gardens. The yards are not so unruly that they look unkept or deserted, but they let grass grow long, wildflowers spread, and apple trees stretch their limbs. The wild gardens look equally smashing next to modern cube houses and black log homes. These seemingly unintentional patches of nature are so perfectly, imperfect, that they have to have been designed. Either way, I am totally smitten. 

Photos taken on my iphone with the VSCO app. Apologies if you have already seen them on Instagram!


  1. I love wild gardens, too! Since we’re in a rental, I’m hesitant to do much, but we’ve been trying to make our front yard look less neglected. These are lovely inspiration pictures!

  2. I share your love of these wild spaces, too. Berlin lets its green spaces go, too—long grass in the city parks is common and landscaping plants and bushes grow into one another. A refreshing change from over-manicured parks and lawns!

  3. Thanks for sharing those lovely photos! Those gardens really are relaxing and peaceful. I love that everyone is so into gardening here in Portland but there’s something to be said for letting nature have some breathing room too.

  4. Glad you’re enjoying my home town 🙂
    I’m going up to my own cabin in the Swedish forest in a couple of days and I can’t wait! Copenhagen in all glory.. but you can’t beat the Swedish nature!
    If you get a chance go to Restaurant Tranan in Central Stockholm for amazing Meatballs, they’re famous for them!

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