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Sodermalm  Rosendals tradgard  Mock orange sweden Stockholm  Baby pram sweden

I am not sure if trip photos are annoying to you guys. Some people said last time I posted too much, others said not enough. I think I'll do like always and just post whatever I feel like. I've been loving documenting my trip on my iphone- much preferred to my real camera these days. I never thought I'd like the filters but I've fallen for the Visual Suppy Co. App, which I've used on all of these. 

1: Grandpa in Söder (favorite neighborhood).

2,4,5: Rosendals Trädgård ( I love all the vintage baby prams here!)

3: The air is thick with mock orange everywhere I go. Dreamy!

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Photos: Chelsea Fuss.


  1. Amazing! I went to Stockholm a couple of weeks ago and had the absolute best time. You must go here:

    It was by far the highlight of the trip. It’s a floating dock bar/garden that also sells herbs and strawberry plants. The best cocktails! You must go.

    Have fun! I loved Söder too. Grandpa was awesome!

  2. I say do as you please! It’s not as if that’s all you ever post about. And I, for one, and unable to travel with my budgetary constraints, so it’s nice to view the world through your traveler’s eyes! (Love those vintage prams too!)

  3. I love seeing these shots of Stockholm! Post away!

    btw, Chelsea – any chance you are going to visit the Woodland Cemetary while you are in Sweden? (Garbo is buried there!) If so, I wonder if I could ask you a big favour – my husband bought a keychain there and only recently it broke and he lost the fob, which was modelled on the lock at the Woodland Chapel that Alver Aalto (a Finnish architect, and the father of that clean modern Scandi look) designed. Anyway, long story short – if you are able to get out there, could we email? I would love to pay you (via paypal?) to pick a replacement up for him. We’re just up in Seattle, so I can also pay you for postage when you get back to the states?

    It’s a long shot, but I had to at least ask – he has a birthday coming up later this summer and that would be such an amazing surprise!

  4. what a great trip, we also have on the list a sweden road trip this summer so nice to get already totally in the mood for that. wonderful photos.

  5. I second Meg’s suggestion. I actually went there twice while I was in the city (once without the husband and then once again to take him). Meg, did you see my photos of it? Seems a bit obscure to have both found it (my friend took me there – she live’s nearby).

    We loved Publogi and 19glas in Gamla Stan (across from each other). Also had a great meal at Urban Deli. We ate a LOT husmanskost (at Kvarnen, Tranan, Pelikan…). I really wanted to go to Sardin but my husband knocked it b/c he doesn’t like “tapas” – then we tried to stop in on our last night but they were closing. It smelled great and my husband admitted he was probably wrong about it. 🙂 Judit & Bertil. Here:

    Moseback (although we kept timing it wrong where the kiosks were closed…?), Snotty, Oliver Twist and Akkurat

  6. Such lovely photographs! I’ve been using my iPhone over my actual camera a lot this summer. I am so impressed with with the vsco cam app, I love it!

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