a frolic! giveaway: win two prints from jen gotch!


It's no secret that Jen Gotch is one of my favorites. She's the real deal when it comes to prop styling and her polaroids are perfection, particularly her flower captures caught in the dreamy California light. Now you can have one of Jen Gotch's lovely creations on your wall! Jen has opened up shop to sell prints of her work. Check it out here! To enter to win two small prints, leave a comment here before April 16th, 2012. Thanks, Jen!

*Update: A winner has been chosen. Thanks for your entries!

Photo: Jen Gotch. Giveaway rules: Open to International readers. One entry per reader. Winner will pick two small prints.


  1. Having recently moved, I have a lot of new wall space to fill. Would love a couple of Jen’s great prints! Thanks for the chance, Chelsea! xo.

  2. Love her prints! Thanks for introducing her to me. Her work would be perfect in our california home and I just happen to be decorating at the moment!



  3. Love the ‘just thinking bout that orange orange juice’ and ‘flowers cover everything’ prints… they would look great in my bedroom!

  4. i’ve been a fan of jen’s work for years … i’d love to win and i do mean love not like a lot :). thanks to you both for the giveaway!

  5. I do not envy you having to sort through all these comments for a winner! πŸ™‚
    Love Jen, have loved her for a long time. Nobody masters the dreamy shots quite like her.

  6. Thank you for opening this post to international readers! My horrible little Korean apartment is in desperate need of art! Fingers crossed!!!

  7. Pick me! Pick Me! Pick Me! I luuurrve Jen’s images, I’ve been following her on Twitter for a while now. Gorgeous.

  8. Fantastic work and a brilliant eye for detail.
    A perfect addition to our little home. Some little prints. Fingers crossed.

  9. Love the prints – as an aussie who went to school in the States a million years ago, they would add a lovely yesteryear touch to a wall I am currently arranging of my art collected all around the world.

  10. My favorites are baby don’t let our love deflate, flowers cover everything, sun burn, but don’t let go, and just thinking bout that orange orange juice.

  11. i’m so excited to see jen selling prints! i followed her blog for the longest time and LOVE LOVE LOVE her dreamy prints!

  12. Would love to put the oranges in my kitchen. Reminds me of mornings at my grandmother’s in so cal, squeezing fresh juice every day from the trees in the backyard.

  13. These are fab! Especially love the ‘Sun Burn’ one. I’m moving into my first real apartment soon and could definitely use some awesome art to hang up.

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