les îsles de la madeleine

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So maybe I have a little daydream going about a summer adventure on Les îsles De La Madeleine (previously blogged here). This tiny cottage looks like a dream. I like how many of the houses are painted bright colors. When I was in high school I took a trip to Nova Scotia and I loved all the bright houses dotting the rugged landscape.

Hotel 2
Hotel isle de la madelein

This minamilist hotel looks pretty perfect too. The grey and white would be so calming next to the water. Where do you dream of taking a summer adventure?

Photos: 1,2 from Au Pied de la Butte Ronde. 3,4 Hotel Du La Grave.


  1. looks so amazing. i’ve been thinking about summer trips, and nova scotia is definitely at the top of my list. hotel de la grave looks gorgeous!

  2. My parents and siblings took a trip from Maine to Les Iles de la Madeleine when I was away at college. They never shut up about the place! IT looks beautiful and serene and they loved the sea kayaking.

  3. Oh yes! Do go. We went last summer and it was magical. It looks so much like Ireland, so peaceful and serene! The deserted beaches are wonderful, you can walk for hours without seeing a single person. Plus, driving on the isthmus between the islands is pretty surreal with the sea on both sides.

  4. This place looks HEAVENLY, Chelsea! And, I lived in Nova Scotia and never heard boo-diddly about this place! Glad to have the introduction even if I do have travel SO much farther now. 😉

  5. I live in Nova Scotia (and have for almost all of my life) and still haven’t visited Les Isles! The husband and I have been talking about anniversary plans, and I think this just might be perfect!

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