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I have never been very good at hair and in fact often procrastinate hair cuts forever! I can never find a hair stylist I like, so I don't get very excited about the prospect. However, I am itching for a change. I went and looked at all the hair ideas and tutorials I posted on Babble, for some inspiration. I thought I'd share them here, too.

Classic Hair 

Effortless Hair Tutorials

Romantic Hair

5 Hair Cut Ideas

Party Hair

Photo by Jenny Gordy. 


  1. I am just the same.
    I had a great hairdresser who disappeared without warning. In a whole year I tried 2 other stylists but they just weren’t right. I managed to track the great one down and had a couple more years of great cuts but she has been on maternity leave and so I have had only 2 haircuts since last April(again 2 different people who weren’t quite right)I think she has returned to work now so I’m hoping for a good hair day again soon.

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