an orangerie-inspired table setting

Orangerie one

Orangeries are greenhouses, popular in 17th century France, used for wintering over fruit trees. For a refreshing winter table setting, I love decorating with citrus and greens and I like to imagine enjoying a meal inside one of these grand buildings on a dark winter day.

DIY wedding centerpiece

I made mine with mix and match white containers, bay, boxwood, and clementines. I like the idea of adding tiny votives and paperwhites too. See more at Project Wedding.

winter wedding

Created and photographed by Chelsea Fuss.


  1. Gorgeous and so simply! My neighbor gave me some of her beautiful backyard lemons for New Year’s and I think I’m going to do something similar.

    Happy New Year! Frolic is still one of my favorite blogs. 😀

  2. Absolutely love this… simply marvellous. I got very excited about combining this with mismatched metal vintage pots… so much that I have popped it on my blog (with full credit and a link of course!). Inspirational and divine… feeling the need to go and tweet about it right at this moment!

  3. I have the white dishes. I have the clementines. I just took down the tree. It looks kinda empty in here. So… Thanks ~ This will totally brighten up the house!

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