a forest picnic for kinfolk magazine

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A few months ago, Lisa, Lauren, Jennifer, and I drove up to The Columbia River Gorge to shoot this picnic story for  Kinfolk Magazine This was such a collaborative process. Everyone contributed an element that really made the shoot click. See credits below and be sure to check out the latest volume of Kinfolk. These are the outtakes from our article.

Photography: Lisa Warninger. Wardrobe styling: Lauren Hartmann. Prop styling: Chelsea Fuss. Model: Jennifer Sullins. Hair and Makeup: Lyndsey Strand at Amore Salon.


  1. I love it too, and I actually love that you didn’t take the coat off in any of the pics. It’s refreshing to get a real feel for the coat in several pictures. It makes me think how nice it would be if shops had fewer pieces that they really stood by so it wouldn’t be so overwhelming.

  2. Your pics are amazing & the place seems to be so beautiful.
    Do you, by any chance, know the brands of the cape & the lace top ? They are gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Edith,

    The cape is vintage and I am actually selling it for $150. If you are interested, you can email me at chelseafuss(at)gmail(dot)com. Lauren would know about the blouse. You can email her. Her address is on her blog. Hope that helps! Thanks!


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