pop-up flower stand

Flower sign  Flower girls
Flower shop ace

I was working on a shoot with Joke and Lisa yesterday and we had way too many leftover flowers so I decided (at the very last minute) to make a little pop-up flower stand. We made a sign with myrtle greens and set up our buckets in front of the space. Joke even made a ribbon holder from twigs and twine. We had a few customers come down to The Ace from Twitter. Haha! I live for spontaneity so this was super fun to me. 

*Update/Disclaimer: The boots are from Swedish Hasbeens and were a gift from the company. The style is right here.

iphone photos:  1- Lisa 2,3-Chelsea.


  1. Lovely idea! Chelsea – are those your red boots in the first photo and if so, would you mind sharing where they are from? I thought they may be Swedish Hasbeens but the only similar red pair I can find have heels that look a bit high. I absolutely love the boots in the photo!

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