paperwhite bulb bags


It's time to plant paperwhites! My friend, Joke, made these cute little bulb bags (photographed by Lisa Warninger) and I think they are super sweet gifts for friends and neighbors this holiday season. Here's how to make them:


1. Buy muslin bags.

2. Draw lines on the bags using a Sharpie and a ruler.

3. Stamp the bags.  Create a custom stamp using the jpeg below or buy a stamp.

4. Fill bags with bulbs, write a message and give away to friends and neighbors!


Photos: Lisa Warninger. Concept, graphic design and crafting: Tokketok. Styling: Chelsea Fuss.



  1. your blog is so fun and cute. love visiting it. hope you’ll visit my blog, too. i make little fairy furniture from nature and paint and do wonderful collages. thank you for sharing so many pretty things!

  2. These are gorgeous! It’s the wrong time of year to plant bulbs in Australia – but I’ll try something similar with sunflower seeds this Summer. Love it!

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