fall wildflower bouquet

Fall wildflower bouquet

I made this wildflower bouquet for Project Wedding with scented geranium, dusty miller, queen anne's lace, scabiosa, and mint. The bouquet was finished off with hand-dyed silk ribbon from Hanah Silk (my favorite!). Check out the full DIY over at Project Wedding's blog.

Photos: Chelsea Fuss for Project Wedding.


  1. Hi Chelsea! Such a pretty bouquet! Florists keep telling me that I shouldn’t use Queen Anne’s Lace in my September bouquet for my wedding next year because it will wilt too quickly… is that true? It adds such a great wildflower quality, i’m dying to include it!

  2. Hey Daniella! It is pretty fragile but if it is fresh it should hold up ok for a few hours. It kind of depends if your wedding is out in the blaring sun or inside with air conditioning. You might try testing chervil blossoms too. They look almost exactly the same.

  3. Ahh ok, thanks! I that’s what they were worried about, it lasting the whole day. I’m going to check out those Chervil blossoms… thank you!

  4. how beautiful! I have dusty miller going wild in the garden right now (the cold and rain just makes it stronger? ha!) and my scented geraniums are in my kitchen window for the winter (how scandi, eh?). Makes me think I should put together a little bouquet the next time I prune the geraniums back (they’re quite unruly). Don’t you love the way they smell? What kind did you use? I have ginger scented ones, but I really want one of the stronger-scented rose ones. Someday! =)

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