travel dream: the ukraine

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Sunday is the day for travel fantasies at my house. My brother and his wife are in the Ukraine right now so I am thinking of heading there for Christmas. We'll see. I always love searching my dream trips on Flickr

Photos: Mckros + Mister F on Flickr.


  1. I absolutely love Ukraine! ( I am biased because I am Ukrainian 😉 ) so even though u might have a culture stock at first, you will find people r friendly and welcomming, food is delicious, and architecture is beautiful! U must visit Kiev and L’viv. Email me if you would like any other suggestions and tips 😉

  2. Go to the arts market in Kiev. Or to the arts and crafts market in Odessa. The cutest aprons I have ever owned in my life, and wish I had bought more, were made and purchased at this market in Odessa. I absolutely love Ukraine.

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