1. Why I’m not drawn to tropical islands is a wonder to me. There is just something romantic to me about the northern islands.

  2. I went to Iceland last summer and I was enamoured with the area. I want to visit northern islands of scandinavia.

    I went camping on an island in northern-labradorish part of Quebec since my partner’s parents are from the area.

    Iles de la madeleine are a gorgeous part of my province. I live in Quebec but I’ve never been there (yet!) I hear it’s very windy and not always very warm, haha.

  3. Ooh! Looks like heaven right about now! Dreamy for sure, Chelsea!

    Hey, I just landed in your neck of the woods and am in town until Friday. I know it’s last minute but if you have the chance I’d love to just meet up for a coffee! 🙂 I’m in NW PDX…fyi. Lemme know if it works for you and Liz (if she’s available).

    Hope you’re well!

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