summer bicycling!

Biking 2 

I recently got a new (old) Raleigh bicycle and I've been really enjoying it. A bike mechanic told me it was probably a European delivery bike from the early seventies. My friend, Sara, just bought a folding Brompton . Isn't it cute? (I wrote a post about folding bicycles right here). Several weekends ago, Sara and I participated in the Sunday Parkways where they shut down all the streets downtown so the bicyclists can ride freely. It was lovely riding down the middle of the street, ice-cream cone in hand! We snapped a few photos afterwards. Happy riding!

Photos by Sara.


  1. Oh how charming. Love the photos! And you’ve reminded me. I must get my bike fixed! I have a yellow 70s bike that I love, but it came out of storage last week a little bit the worse for wear. I am looking up bicycle repair places right now, ready for the onset of spring. Thank you.

  2. I am just chomping at the bit for a new (old) bike! Yours + your friends are adorable. I’m like you – anything will do! BUT, if I had my choice I’d purchase a beg bicycle. They’re darling : )

    xx fallon

  3. I love your bike…and that basket! I have a vintage bike from the 60’s and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I really need a basket like that! I ride on the sidewalk, too. But, they’re those grand Victorian paths…so plenty of room for everyone. The bike lanes by our house are really scary.

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