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John derian

This was my first time to NYC and I didn't really plan the trip at all. I'll admit, I was pretty intimidated when I stepped out of the train station and met the city for the first time and all alone. The fun thing about being a blogger is, it seems there are people to meet up with everywhere you go. I quickly felt like the luckiest girl in the world with my blog friend tour guides. I thought I was meeting up with a few people for a cup of tea and as it turns out everyone had an itinerary planned for me. I love it. It was so sweet of them (and not what I expected) and so fun to see the city through the eyes of some of my favorite creatives. It made traveling alone so much more fun. Thank you Nole, Jen + Little Juni, Liza, Cindy, Vané, Amy, and Erin. I wouldn't have found such cool places or eaten such yummy food without you. Plus, it was just more fun this way!


John Derian store. As you can see, I am pretty obsessed with the paper geraniums by Livia Cetti.


Flower stand at The Ace. Chelsea Market.6013576854_18a2b165ba_z

Amy Merrick at Central Park.

New york city brook farm general store

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream (I had the ginger. YUM!). Brook Farm General Store.



New york city frolic

The Highline and a pretty doorway ( I don't remember where!). 


The Highline.

I'll upload more to my Flickr soon. There were so many more places I loved but didn't take photos of. Can't wait to go back to NYC soon. I would love to experience Autumn there.

Photos: Chelsea Fuss.


  1. This is the NY i’d love to see, how lucky to have such great tour guides. I’m so jealous you were at Brook Farm General Store!

  2. Oh! You were here?! How fun. Dear blogging friends feel like magic don’t they? I’ve had the same experience a few times—meeting blogger friends and immediately connecting—my heart almost burst with joy and gratitude. *a

  3. I love the John Derian store. I used to go there a LOT when I lived in New York (way too often for my budget, actually). Thank you for sharing such lovely photographs. You’ve really celebrated the best of the city.

  4. So happy you had a good time here! I had the best time showing you around and getting to hang out with you for a bit. I hope you come back soon! It’d be even easier to motor around next time because I finally have gotten slingwearing down with Juni. (She’s thrilled to be mentioned on Frolic!) Only wish we had gotten a photo of you, me, and Nole at lunch. Next time!

  5. oh! i LOVE the paper geraniums. i love geraniums, but killed the ones i had 🙁 so paper ones would be perfect! i’m going to new york in the spring and i might just use this as a little guide to the city!

  6. Ooh! Looks like such a lovely time (good timing, by the way, Miss Chelsea)! I *love* NYC and always feel a little more ‘plugged in,’ a little more alive, when I’m there.

    And, I’m now obsessed with the paper geraniums! So cute! 🙂

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