nyc: brooklyn botanic garden

Brooklyn botanic garden

After I visited Philadelphia a few weeks ago, I took a train up to NYC. I'd never been to NYC before so I figured this was a good time to check it out. I stayed at an apartment in Brooklyn through air bnb which turned out great and was so cheap. The apartment was located right across the street from Brooklyn Botanic Garden. I had one free morning so I wandered around, ate at the cafe (a cucumber, pesto, arugula and goat cheese sandwich!) and snapped some photos.

Brooklyn botanic garden rose garden  White flowers Brooklyn botanic garden brooklyn
Brooklyn botanic 3  1
Brooklyn botanic gardens 

 Photos: Chelsea Fuss.


  1. For many years my sister lived a couple of blocks away from this haven, and two separate friends of mine got married there… It is a touch of heaven in the middle of the city!

  2. First, i think its really funny that you were posting about Swedish Clogs since a friend and my were just eyeing some today on the computer. But i’m headed up to NY in about 2 weeks and i can’t wait to check out the botanical garden!
    Thanks for sharing

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