my apartment project: liberty fabrics

Liberty of london fabrics

I haven't posted about my apartment for a long time. Honestly, life got in the way as it sometimes does, and decorating my apartment has been very low on the list of priorities. I hope to carve out some time in the coming months to tackle it. I was thinking about it this weekend and seeing a vision for some of the rooms. I would like to add a few touches of Liberty fabric here and there for pillows and curtains. I love these two prints.

Photos: Liberty of London.


  1. those are so pretty and cheery! i’m excited to hear more about your apartment! since i’ll be moving into a new apartment in a few weeks, i’m also trying to figure out how to arrange everything.

  2. LOVE the print on the left, i might incorporate it into the upholstery project i am stuck on–which was what i was referring to on twitter yesterday–i have THREE half-upholstered objects sitting in my living room and they are starting to drive me crazy! so, while upholstery “isn’t that difficult” it really is time consuming.

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