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When I was in NYC I saw so many cute bicycles! It seems every time I went to check out the brand, it was a Linus. The company says they are inspired by French bicycles of the '50's and '60's and seek to create a simple, utilitarian bicycle for city living. I love the smart design and they look super chic in action.

Photo: Linus.


  1. Until I finally bought my folding bike, I was torn (and still am a bit) between it and a Linus dutchi. If the 8-speed came in red, I probably would have gotten it. I seriously love it.

  2. I bought the cream Mixte 3 a few weeks ago and I love it! Not only is it pretty, but comfortable and smooth to ride! I would definitely recommend it.

  3. I have a cream colored Linus mixte that my fiance gave me for Christmas. He proposed the night before, so I think of it as my engagement bike…it is my very favorite thing!

  4. I think you are in Portland? North Portland Bikeworks has several models of Linus. I got one there last year, and it was worth every penny. A fantastic bike!

  5. Oh man, I’m so close to asking for a new fancy bike for my birthday – but then I have to be realistic. Will I really commit to using it here in the mountains? Maybe I should ask for a pony instead…

  6. I have a Linus knock-off, which I sort of feel bad about, but I didn’t have $500+ to drop on my first bike since I was a kid, therefore I’m okay with it in the end as it’s super awesome:)

  7. My husband and I bought Linus bikes this past Christmas. We swapped out the seats for brooks leather seats and added baskets. I am absolutely in love with them!!!!

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