an afternoon in oysterville, washington

chelsea fuss

About a month and a half ago, Lisa, her dog Hani, and some work buddies made a visit to the Long Beach Peninsula in Washington State, just north of Astoria. It was quiet and wonderfully devoid of crowds. One day, Lisa and I happened upon the most charming little town called Oysterville. Lisa shot photos as we strolled around the quiet, perfect little town that almost felt like a movie set.

Oysterville 6 Oysters  chelsea fuss oysterville

Honestly, it's a pretty sleepy town but there's a little shop and cafe where they serve oysters,mussels, and clam chowder.


The most charming old houses line the streets and the Willapa Bay is their backyard!

Foxgloves oysterville

The foxgloves were out in full bloom!

Oysterville lisa warninger

Lisa + Hani.

Oysterville church DSC_1029

If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend a stroll through the town (it only takes a few minutes)!

Photos by Lisa Warninger. Accommodation courtesy of Old Faithful (more on this soon).


  1. I volunteer in that area annually and just adore Oysterville. It used to be home to one of the best restaurants ever, The Ark. So sad that it’s no longer there. Can’t wait to hear more about your adventures there!

  2. I can’t wait to go! I have been to a lot of picturesque little towns here in Washington, but I have not been down as far as Oysterville. I smell a road trip!

  3. Love Oysterville, we were acquainted with the town just a couple of years ago when staying in a friend’s beach house in Ocean Park. It’s since become one of our all-time favorite family get-aways.

  4. I have family in oysterville… and I have spent many thanksgivings in this sweet little town. Its so nice to see it appreciated!!

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