I clipped this page out of Vogue Bambini a few months ago for the gorgeous light in the photograph. I am madly in love with summertime. Last weekend was an epic summer weekend filled with lots of eating in the grass, long bike rides, and an outdoor concert. I just feel like sticking around home for a bit since it's so nice but, alas, I am off to the East Coast next week. I am not sure how often I'll be able to check in but I'll be back when I can! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these other posts I've just published over at Babble's Family Style blog:

5 Easy Summer Dresses Under $35

English Conservatories

Botanical Illustrations (all $10 and under!)

A Pretty Pale Dress

Inexpensive, Indian-Inspired Textiles

Folding Bicycles!

 Have a grand weekend!


Photo: Luciano Pergreffi. Scanned from Vogue Bambini, March/April 2011 from the story, "Flowers Under the Sun"


  1. I also think of Cost Plus as a place Id go when little with my mom, haha…and those conservatories are so beautiful, I would love one someday! I have a covered porch I want to turn into a greenhouse with tons of plants.

  2. completely darling. And I’m madly in love with this particular summer which just might sell me on summers from here on out. 🙂 (typically a tried and true fall girl)

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