grace turns 102!

Grace 102nd party

Since I started Frolic! back in 2006, each year, I've shared my grandmother's birthday with readers. Grace is my Dad's mom and a super inspiring woman who I often look to for inspiration. Her determination and positive attitude have seen her through many challenges in life including Breast Cancer. People often ask what her secret is. From what I can tell, Grace values hard work, takes care of other people, doesn't fret over problems for too long, and has made a habit of walking everyday.


A few weekends ago, we celebrated her 102nd birthday. This was a low-key party and along with her birthday, we celebrated our cousin, Chase, 1, who now shares her birthday as well. Grace looked stunning and I loved the gardenia corsage my cousin made for her. Julianne also potted up plants with little flags and placed them all round the room. It was a lovely celebration. Happy Birthday, Grace!

P.S. You can see Grace's other parties: 98, 99, 100, 101. And, Grace when she was young!

Photos by me.


  1. Aw, this just reminds me how long I’ve been following your blog [I don’t comment much – sorry!]. I am close with my grandparents too and each year this post really gets me.

    Happy belated to Grace!

  2. She really doesn’t look a day over 80!

    My great grandmother lived until she was 101 – I’m sure you’re treasuring every moment of her long life!

  3. grace is just cute as a button … happy birthday! and, your entire family seems to be gifted when it comes to flowers. so great!

  4. She’s absolutely beautiful. This post just made me so happy and able to make one more little notch of commitment to staying active as I age. I’m 54, so that’s not a distant prospect.

  5. how adorable is your granny! 🙂 she doens’t even look that old… she must have such energy!!! happy birthday grace (and a beautiful name as well!) twiggs

  6. Thanks for sharing her with us all. She’s lovely — and seems more beautiful to me now than in those earlier photos. How lovely for you all to have so much time with her.

    I hope you or someone are taking down lots of notes about what her life was like….imagine even knowing someone who’s gone from 1909 to today, the changes she has witnessed!

  7. Amazing! She looks so lovely and young. Happy birthday. What a treasure to have your grandmother around for so many years.

  8. She is absolutely beautiful and looks much more younger than 102.
    You are so so lucky, I have lost my dear mom in 2010, each minute of my life I miss her really much.
    Thanks for sharing, it makes me sad about my mom, but really happy for your beautiful Grace.

  9. I’ve followed along for several of Grace’s birthdays, and am so very glad to be able to wish her a very Happy 102nd Birthday! Her name seems to match her personality very well… she seems full of grace.

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