russian dinner party

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When I came upon this article in Food and Wine about an outdoor feast in Russia, it immediately brought to mind all the stories my younger brother has told me about his time there. Michael has traveled to lots of cool places (Siberia, Georgia, Mongolia, Africa, etc) but has never once taken a photo, preferring to "remain in the moment instead" he claims. I rely on his descriptions but these photos match perfectly a garden feast he once described to me after he spent a summer in Russia living with farmers and traveling through the countryside. Now I really want to visit! Check out the full article in Food and Wine. The recipes look amazing!

Photos by Valerie Stivers-Isakova for Food and Wine.


  1. Lovley! My family is part Bulgarian (which is bordering Russia), living here in America and I dream of a gathering where the table and garden and guests look as pretty as these do in this article!

  2. I loved this too! I’ve torn out the bungalow photo so as to go there on imaginary vacations whenever necessary…it’s posted by my desk.

  3. I’ve always wanted to visit Russia… so much so that I took night classes to learn to speak Russian. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to visit next year!

  4. i’m soo smitten with this. Its so simple yet so inviting and warm. the perfect kind!

    p/s: Wow, I cant imagine not taking pictures while travelling, especially to those amazing places you mentioned. I’m always afraid in losing a memory of something, so pictures can reassure that 🙂

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