1. i’m on a quest to find wooden everything: from tub scrubbers to ironing boards and back again. no luck with the wooden vacuum, alas.

  2. If you still hate, I highly recommend hiring it out. It’s such a pleasure to get dressed for the day (or pack a last-minute bag for the weekend) when all your clothes are freshly pressed and ready to wear.

  3. Oh I love this! I dream of having all natural, beautiful cleaning supplies. Like William Morris said, “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

  4. I hate to have to break it to you, but having a pretty ironing board doesn’t make ironing any more fun. It does however make the ever growing pile of un-ironed items stacked on top of it moderately more attractive…

  5. I’m kindof a wierdo who loves to iron. I find it soothing to give all my attention to something so simple. Home made linen spray makes a difference too- add a little vodka to distilled water for an emulsifier and then a few drops of your favorite essential oil et voila! Ironing heaven.

  6. beauty does help. i didn’t love ironing until i started pressing when i sew. suddenly it was quite satisfying. of course i still leave my sweetheart to do all his shirts. x

  7. I loved ironing when I was younger and carefree and liked to be given tasks to make me feel useful. Now, I’m all about dewrinkle setting on the dryer.

  8. when i started my business making things with linen, i had to overcome my hatred of ironing. a wood ironing board definitely helps (ikea had a great one a couple of years ago), but great music to dance to while ironing helps even more!

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