Have you ever gone back to visit your childhood home? My family moved a few times growing up, but there was one house I spent 11 years in. I recently went back to visit for the first time in 10 years. Mostly it was exactly the same and it was fun to see a new family (also with 5 kids!) living in and taking care of the house. There are some really pretty meadows behind the house that have luckily never been developed because they are protected wetlands. I was happy to see the buttercups are even more profuse now. 

Photo: Chelsea Fuss.


  1. We moved a several times as well. But just yesterday I went with a sister, our mom and our grandmother to a house my grandparents built 50 years ago. Family moved from there 30 years ago but it was so fantastic to visit. The house, land and view are even more phenomenal than I remembered.

  2. My mother still lives in the home I grew up in, but growing up I spent a ton of time at my grandmother’s house. She passed away 16 years ago, and we sold her house about 14 years ago. I’m dying to go back there this summer. We finally own a car, and so can get there now. Fingers crossed, this will get done this summer!

  3. My mom sold my childhood house after my brother passed away and we haven’t been inside since. But we often drive by it. It was a beautiful old home built in the late 1640s (so really old)! Original hardwood floors, ceilings only slightly over 6ft high, loads of character! I miss it.

  4. Our old house has dandilions. However, my lawn is full of buttercups which look nice when flowering but are almost impossible to get rid of. I wish the slugs ate them, instead of my basil.

  5. I’ve often wanted to go back to the home where I spent my summers in my childhood, but I don’t quite know how to do it. Did you just go and knock on the door and say “Hi, I used to live here, can I come in?” And it worked?

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