1. Love these! I collect ones with mother-of-pearl handles, it’s amazing some of the detail that’s etched onto pieces like that. I miss that kind of craftsmenship!

  2. I had to smile at this, I have a huge collection of those and I have the steak knives, fish knives and spoon. all a bit different. AND i use them daily


  3. I have three kind of like this, they’re so beautiful. They have mother of pearl handles and the sharpest prongs ever. Which is why they sit in a teacup looking pretty, I would do myself an injury if I actually tried to use them.

  4. I have the knives that go with those forks, and I caught my husband using one on a handyman project outside! He couldn’t understand why I was so upset. You don’t use those cute, vintage things as a screwdriver or digger! Funny.

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