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I am excited to introduce one of my sponsors today. Shop Mamie is an online store founded by two friends who believe that all women should have access to fresh, fun clothing that is flattering and affordable. Everything on the site is under $100  and you can shop by body type! How clever is that? I love it! Included here are two of my favorite dresses from the site: The Annabelle Dress + The Picnic Dress!

Please enjoy  15% off with coupon code:  FROLIC  until June 2nd, 2011.





Photos: Shop Mamie. This is a sponsored post. If you'd like to advertise on Frolic!, please email chelseafuss@gmail.com for information on becoming part of our hand picked group of sponsors.


  1. Not to be nitpicky, but, by “all women” I take it you actually meant “all women who are a size 10-12 or smaller” because they only appear to carry clothes up to size large, and that is what a standard size large generally is considered, in women’s clothing. Which leaves rather a lot of women out of the equation, I think, which seems a shame.

  2. I love that picnic dress…in concept.

    But why is it so short? That dress should graze the top of the knee so you can actually wear it to a picnic without having to sit your bare thighs in the dirt.

    If it were 3 inches longer I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

  3. So nice to see such cute clothes at friendly prices. I love that picnic dress! Another vote here for longer lengths. If it was a midi-length it would be my dream come trrruuuueeeee!!!!

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