ikea pillows


Normally I think it's kind of silly to buy pillows. They are usually super overpriced or really poor quality but lately I've actually been loving the pillows at Ikea. The fillers are pretty inexpensive and the covers are lovely quality.

Photo: Ikea.


  1. I did a little blog post on these, too. I think they are super charming. Major soft spot for gingham. Also, the AINA, RITVA and FELECIA are mainstays of my styling repertoire. AINA cushion covers are so great for dying or embellishing. The SANELA velvet rectangular cushion in blue or choc brown looks like a million $$. OK, geeking out a bit…

  2. I agree. Pillows do seem expensive a lot of times. But Ikea does have some nice ones. I’m thinking of using some of their fabric to sew a cover for one of their inserts. If I can figure out how to sew it, that is! I’m quite the beginner.

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