flower recipe: spring wildflowers in white


I am excited to launch a new series on the blog today: Flower Recipes! Every other week, I'll share a recipe for a flower arrangement, with full instructions. Each recipe is meant to be a tipping point of inspiration for you to gather flowers from your own garden or market. This bouquet takes just a few minutes to make!

Click here for full instructions and more photos.

Photos: Chelsea Fuss.


  1. Very adorable arrangement and I like the idea of “flower recipes”. Except I can’t tell which flower is which 🙁 {mostly because I don’t know anything}

  2. That looks beautiful and delicate. However, could you, pretty please, add a little note to the bottom of your recipe to keep the flowers away from your pets if the arrangement contains lily of the valley? The flowers are extremely poisonous, and even drinking the water from the vase could kill a cat.

  3. I’m excited to learn from your arrangements! I love flowers but seem to lose every ounce of my eye for detail the second a vase in put in front of me!

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